Dates and Curriculum

Your entire team must be available for all class sessions. Expect 15-20 hours per week of work per team member. We expect you to meet with 100+ customer and experts over the course. You’ll watch the lectures online and do the assigned readings outside of class. The online session below are for pitch training and faculty feedback.

The bottom line is that you’ll never learn more or improve your startup faster!

All online class sessions are held 15:00-18:00 UTC which is, for example, 8:00-11:00 PST (California), 12:00-15:00 BRST (Brazil), 18:00-21:00 EEST (Turkey).


Both are available in print and e-book formats as well as multiple languages. You will also be per-class readings what will be available on the web.

Online Lectures

2013 Schedule
June, 2013 24 teams are picked by Intel and the UC Berkeley Faculty and partners.Teams sign into Launchpad Central, test WebEx and receive pre-course assignments
July 17th Session 1: Online Session (200 minutes)

  • Login to Webex 60 minutes in advance to check line with teaching assistant
  • Welcome 15 minutes
  • Expectations and Deliverables 15 minutes
  • Team introductions 1.75 hours
    • 2 minute presentation of team members
    • 2 minutes introduction of projects
  • Lecture:  Opportunity Assessment: Business Model Design, Market Type, Market Size 30 minutes
  • Session for just Mentors 30 minutes
July 24th Session 2: Online Session (180 minutes)

  • Team Presentations on their Results (15 minutes for each team, 2 hours total)
  • Faculty-led discussion on how well the teams are performing (15 minutes)
  • Discussion for next week’s deliverable (15 minutes)
    • Product Market Fit: Value Proposition + Customer Segments
    • Discussion of Customer Interviews Part 1 – Best Practices
  • Office hours by the Faculty (10 minutes per team for 3 teams).  Sign up on
July 31st Session 3: Online Session (180 minutes)

  • Customer Development:  Customers, Users and Payers
  • Customer Interviews Part 2 – Interpreting results
August 14th Session 4: Online Session (180 minutes)

  • Channels & Key Partners
August 21st Session 5: Online Session (180 minutes)

  • Get/Keep/Grow Customers
August 28th Session 6: Online Session (180 minutes)

  • Lean Analytics (Metrics That Matter)
August 29th 15 teams invited to Berkeley are announced
September 4th Session 7: Online Session (180 minutes)

  • Preparation session for 15 invited teams
October 8th 15 teams arrive in Berkeley, California
October 9th Observe Intel Global Challenge@UC Berkeley Finals

  • Investor pitch sessions
October 10th Onsite Startup School at UC Berkeley

  • Storytelling, Pitching, Raising Money
  • Preparation for Demo Day
October 11th Onsite Startup School in Silicon Valley

  • Demo Day to Intel Capital, Intel Product Groups, Silicon Valley angels and VCs
  • Awards