Master Mentor and Instructor Certification Program

The Intel Technology to Market Accelerator@UC Berkeley (T2MA) Master Mentor and Instructor Certification Program directly supports the Intel Foundation and UC Berkeley’s goal to develop a global entrepreneurial ecosystem for technology startup companies with universities, governments and NGO partners. This program certifies qualified university faculty, business leaders and government officials to mentor teams and to teach entrepreneurship classes and programs based on the UC Berkeley version of Lean LaunchPad and National Science Foundation Innovation Corps framework. Note that the number of participants is limited.

Benefits of Certification

As a certified member of the T2MA community you will:

  • Learn the advanced skills that UC Berkeley teaches the best Silicon Valley entrepreneurs in the context of global startups
  • Receive coaching from experienced UC Berkeley Faculty and on how to use and teach the Lean LaunchPad-based framework
  • Become a member of the Intel Foundation and UC Berkeley entrepreneurship teaching community worldwide
  • Gain access to the T2MA teaching materials

There are two levels of Certification that acknowledge mastery of the T2MA concepts and frameworks and your ability to teach Lean LaunchPad-based courses:

Master Mentor Certification

A Master Mentor Certification means you have been trained to mentor teams and teach other mentors the Lean LaunchPad-based methodology.  To qualify for this Certification, individuals must:

  • Attend all T2MA training with the startup teams and show competency with all course materials and concepts
  • Participate in two  online sessions of course and instructional strategies with the UC Berkeley Faculty
Instructor Certification

Certified instructors are qualified to teach Lean LaunchPad-based programs.  The requirements for the Certification are:

  • Attain Master Mentor Certification
  • Co-teach a T2MA/Lean LaunchPad-based class with or under the direct supervision of UC Berkeley Faculty. This includes recruiting and screening teams, attending online teaching workshops before the class starts, co-teaching and giving team feedback during the class web conferences, providing feedback to students and teams through the online learning portal and LaunchPad Central throughout the course and co-teaching the onsite session at UC Berkeley.

For more information, please contact the Intel Program Director.