More About the 2013 T2MA Teams

T2MA@UC Berkeley is truly a global program. Below is a map of where the participants are: Brazil, China, Estonia, India, Ireland, Jordan, Kenya, Russia, Turkey, United Kingdom and United States. It’s a live class of over 20 startup teams across 15 time zones.

2013 T2MA Participant Map

# Team Name Startup Description Country Institution
100 The Fellowship Automated Information Extraction from Unstructured Data Brazil Universidade do Vale do Rio dos Sinos, Brazil
101 MVM Technologies A Vehicle Sharing System providing advanced and sustainable cars for 1-day rent all over the city at our several “MVM Rentspots”. You can get and drop a car anytime, anywhere. Brazil Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
102 Health Noah Use Sensor System to help sense, improve health of people China Tsinghua University, China
103 SJTU Key A comprehensive engineering inspection and maintenance service for concrete structures China Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China
104 Agile Payments Agile Payments will provide electronic payments through NFC enabled wristbands. Our service is instantaneous and can be used in remote areas where electronic transactions are infeasible Ireland Dublin City University, Ireland
105 WifiGuard Utilizing WiFi to detect and alert home owners of intrusions Ireland Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland
106 NoteHome NoteHome is an online payment, communication and management system for schools, parents and communities. Ireland Dublin City University, Ireland
108 ThonApps Jaryda Digital Magazine for all kind of Magazine issue and Digital Content Kenya Kenyatta University, Kenya
109 mHealth mHealth strives to innovate, design, develop, roll out and market ICT solutions that address acute problems in the African Health Systems. Kisii University College, Kisii, Kenya
110 CITIZONE Leveraging social media, translating expressions of satisfaction, dissatisfaction into action. Kenya University of Nairobi, Kenya
111 Harmonics Harmonics is a cloud based system for information and data management through an application installed in a smart phone/tablet/PC Kenya University of Nairobi, Kenya
112 ideafx creators Cloud based idea management system for business with gamification tools Russia Kazan State University, Russia
113 VisionLabs VisionLabs will provide video context analysis and search for video-surveillance, TV channels and sharing websites. Russia Université technique d’État de Moscou-Bauman, Russia
114 Arvata High-performance analysis of Big Data based on distributed computing Russia Petrozavodsk State University, Russia
115 Biyomod Biomedical Module Solutions Turkey Middle East Technical University, Turkey
117 LNL SMART Autonomous smart spaces for agriculture, gardening, and landscapes Turkey Middle East Technical University, Turkey
118 Artu Technology Precise dimension,angle, area measurement on photograph or video. No calibration! No reference area definition! Turkey Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia
119 Cent for Change Allows the online banking user to donate to charity Ireland Dublin City University, Ireland
120 Red Bioscope A website and application that will help professional and enthusiast photographers to showcase and build their network India Acharya Institute of Management Sciences, Bangalore, India
121 Nanografi Production and Application of Carbon Nanotubes for Advanced Materials Turkey Eskisehir Osmangazi University, Turkey
122 Collisionable Networks Accelerating early stage (1-5 years) startup growth by enabling discovery and engagement globally India University of Delhi, India