About Intel Entrepreneurship Programs

For the last eight years, Intel Foundation, in partnership with governments, educational institutions, non profit organizations, entrepreneurs, business leaders and private enterprise, has worked to meet the challenge of harnessing the power of entrepreneurship to benefit economies around the world.

Entrepreneurship and innovation are fundamental drivers of sustainable growth.  A thriving entrepreneurial culture is supported by education, investment, and infrastructure.  Intel, building on its heritage of innovation, collaborates with governments, educators, NGOs and industry to help build capacity in each of these areas.  So individuals have the opportunity to obtain the skills, technology and resources they need to build successful businesses that drive innovation, create employment, accelerate economic growth and have a positive impact on society.

Two key programs being nurtured by the Intel Foundation to further enhance entrepreneurship and innovation skills among young students, educators and communities around the globe are the Intel Youth Enterprise Program and the Intel Global Challenge.

Intel Youth Enterprise program focuses on developing ideation and innovation skills among students by giving them an opportunity to a work on a real challenge faced by a community on livelihood.

The program is targeted for students with good technology skills, in the age group of 16-20 years and currently in a formal education system. It is designed to train these students on a framework so as to harness their innovation skills to create solutions that enhance the livelihood of underserved youth in their country through the use of technology

The Intel Global Challenge, founded in 2005 through collaboration between UC Berkeley and the Intel Foundation, seeks to support and promote entrepreneurship globally and predominantly in developing countries. The competition, held annually at the Haas School of Business in Berkeley, California, hosts teams from around the world and showcases global business opportunities that have the greatest potential for a positive impact on society through the deployment of new and truly innovative technologies. The Intel Challenge platform enables entrepreneurs participating in any of Intel’s entrepreneurship programs and regional challenges to showcase their ideas and innovations. The goal of this challenge platform is to provide peer support, practical resources and a means to gain exposure to Venture Capitalists, Governments, NGOs, Universities, etc to locate, collaborate, accelerate, and elevate ventures and entrepreneurs tackling some of the world’s biggest challenges.

Learn more at http://entrepreneurship.intel.com.

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