The Intel Technology To Market Accelerator@UC Berkeley is a partnership between the Intel Foundation and the Lester Center for Entrepreneurship at the Haas School of Business at the University of California Berkeley to teach the most cutting-edge Silicon Valley startup skills to entrepreneurs around the world.

Are you a university student entrepreneur who has a computing technology you think can change the world? Intel Technology to Market Accelerator@UC Berkeley (T2MA) could be your ticket to Silicon Valley. This special Intel Global Challenge track is an online and Silicon Valley-based version of UC Berkeley’s advanced Lean LaunchPad course (pioneered by Steve Blank) with additional elements designed just for the Accelerator teams.

If your team is admitted, you get 4 months of top-notch startup training, tuning and mentoring from UC Berkeley Faculty members and Silicon Valley entrepreneurs. The first half is delivered 3 hours/week over the Web from July through September, 2013. In October, successful teams get the opportunity to fly to Silicon Valley, California for 3 days of onsite training and a Demo Day for angel and venture capital investors. Qualified Faculty can participate in the Master Mentor and Instructor Certification Program.

We are using the most advanced online education systems for startups including LaunchPad Central and NovoED logo

  • Learn the advanced skills that UC Berkeley teaches the best Silicon Valley entrepreneurs
  • Receive coaching from successful entrepreneurs as your team searches for a scalable business model and customer/product fit for your technology
  • Connect to top-notch mentors, investors and fellow entrepreneurs
  • If your team is ready, come to Silicon Valley to pitch
  • A balanced 3-person team that includes an entrepreneur lead, technical expert, and business-savvy mentor that is ready to make a serious time commitment of 15-40 hours/week each over the 4 months. All team members must attend all the training.
  • Innovative, disruptive, scalable computing technology (software or hardware) in a high impact area including communication, information, healthcare and energy that leverages one or more of the following technology waves: visual computing, computational intelligence, embedded computing, security, connected devices, cloud computing, big data, and social computing
  • Ability to build a product demonstration: proof of concept, mockup or working prototype
  • Open to learning through the Customer Discovery process including pivoting the business model. Willingness to fail and succeed as a team and work within the chaotic and uncertain environment of a startup (Typically not a company that’s already incorporated, serving a large number of customers or has raised money other than grants.)
  • Able to describe the customer value proposition without revealing proprietary intellectual property (Almost always possible.)
  • With conversational English language skills, access to an internet connection fast enough for WebEx video and the capability to create and edit standard quality videos

The Intel Technology to Market Accelerator@UC Berkeley curriculum provides real-world, hands-on, immersive learning about what it takes to successfully transfer technologies into startups that benefit society. It’s not about how to write a research paper or business plan. The result is not a publication, a deck of slides or even a product. Instead, it is the experience of being an entrepreneur – learning from the marketplace by talking to customers, partners, and competitors; working as a team to overcome failures and embrace successes; encountering the chaos and uncertainty of creating a startup – all under the guidance of a world-class UC Berkeley teaching team.

To learn more, read the blog. To apply, go to the Application page

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